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Welcome to the Al Adaid Desert Challenge




The Concept
The 'Al Adaid Desert Challenge' is a big highlight and the most challenging cycling event on Qatar's off road cycling calendar.

Covering 40 km of desert track from Sealine to Khor Al Adaid, riders find themselves crossing over 8 challenging sand dunes to reach the finish line.

The event takes place annually towards the end of the winter months, in the Middle East, which ensures cooler weather and good racing conditions for the event.

This is currently the ultimate one-day desert challenge for all off road cyclists as it is an event that provides a good combination of fun, hard work, comrade between riders and a day of just enjoying the outdoors on your bike!

In 2018, the Organizing Committee decided to add a Desert Running (approximately 30 km), most of it is held on the same route as cyclists one.

It is a spectator friendly event and riders are encouraged to invite their friends and families to join them for the day in the desert. Spectators are allowed to drive along the route (excluding prohibited areas such as sand dunes) and meet the riders at the finish line to enjoy the afternoon together.

The event also offers a fun non-competitive kids race at the finish area which also promotes family engagement.

The event is in association with the Qatar National Tourism Council, organized by the Qatar Cyclists Center under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture & Sport.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we wish to thank all those who have supported us, investing their time and energy in preparing this event. And we are confident that we will once again have a unique event that is fun and exciting for cyclists from all around the world.

Al Adaid Desert Challenge

organizing team

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