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RACE IS ON > february 10th 2023


DATE: 10th February 2023

Race Type / FORMAT

1. MTB Race – XCP (Cross Country Point to Point Race)  All participants ride on their own responsibility. Applicable Provisions - For all that are not regulated under this present regulation, the Commissaire Panel will apply the International Cycling Union regulations and the Qatar Cycling Federation regulations in compliance.

Open categories : Men MTB, Women MTB, Men FATBIKE, Women FATBIKE, QATARI (each category will have senior 18-39 and veteran 40+ podium)

2. RUNNING - Desert Run

Senior Men, Senior Woman, Veteran Men, Veteran Women; (senior 18-39, veteran 40+)

3. MTB + RUN - Off road duathlon

Senior Men, Senior Women, Veteran Men, Veteran Women; (senior 18-39, veteran 40+)



The start area is about 1km from Sealine Beach Resort as you enter the desert located next to the Mawater Sand dune.

From here cyclists / runners will cycle / run over the desert highway, across sandy patches and cross over sand dunes to reach the finish line at Doha Bus Al Majles Resort.

DISTANCES 2023: (distances are subject to change – weather impact)
MTB:  32 km
Running:  20 km
MTB + Run:  32 km bike + 6,5 km run


The starting venue for all races is located at the Mawater sand dune

(1km from Sealine Beach Resort), marquees adjacent to event arena.

Race office, rider sign-on, secretariat, accreditation, press

FINISH:  The finish venue is located at Doha Bus Al Majles resort

Water point zone

Water points on top of each sand dune.

Minimal age

All participants of the race need to be at least 16 years old on the day of the race. (participants who are under 18 years old have to submit the parental consent).


Provided by Racebase®PRO, professional timing services,

Use of electronic (chip) timing.

UCI Commissaire