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RACE IS ON > february 10th 2023


Riders / Runners
The minimum age for participation is 18 years on 10th February 2023 (event day). Juniors (from age 16 to 18) can participate with the written consent of the parent or legal guardian.
There are  12  riding (MTB)  categories for MTB Contest (Qatari Men, Qatari Women), (Men MTB, Women MTB, Men FATBIKE, Women FATBIKE,- all open and veteran),  4 runners  category (Open Men, Open Women, Veteran Men, Veteran Women), and also  4 Off road duathlon categories  (Open Men, Open Women, Veteran Men, Veteran Women)

Riders in the men's or women's category that wish to compete in the UCI category and would like their race results to contribute to their riders' accumulated UCI point ranking must register as UCI pro-elite category riders during online registration, at which time they must provide their UCI international racing license numbers. (Qataris and Expats with residence in Qatar can apply for an UCI license through the Qatar Cycling Federation).

Cut off times
Cut off time on dune 3 for running at 16km is at 10 am – (3 hours of running)

Cut off time on the finish line for all is at 1 pm - (6 hours of running and 5 hours of cycling)

Riders must ensure that they are in good health and well trained. The race organizers reserve the right to prevent a rider from continuing the race on receipt of medical advice from an official race medic or any other medical doctor recognized by the race organizers – the decision of the race organizers in this regard shall be final.

Only mountain bikes and fat bikes in good working order and race ready will be allowed to start the race. For purposes of rule “race ready” means the following: the front number board is securely fitted and visible from the front; the bike is in safe working order, as determined in the discretion of the commissaire; handlebar ends and handlebar extensions shall be plugged and must not have sharp or jagged edges. The use of tribars and bladed wheels is not allowed; Bicycles may be propelled only through a chainset and by the rider's leg action, without any form of assistance (electrical or otherwise).

Helmets and Clothing
Each rider must wear a helmet at all times while riding during the race. Appropriate riding attire, including a shirt, must be worn at all times.

Rider Identification
Rider must display his/hers race number at all times. Bike numbers must remain firmly fixed on the front of the bike, and may not be obscured by cables or any other item. Back numbers must be attached to the rider at all times in a visible position either on the rider's jersey or on the back of his/her hydration pack. Race numbers may not be modified or mutilated in any way, including cutting, adding stickers, removing existing stickers or trimming. Podium finishers must be present at the finish line awards ceremony.

Race Start
The start chute opens 45 minutes before the start of the race, unless communicated otherwise. Differential start zones will be allocated. Riders which will enter in UCI category will start in the front and will be called up. Riders are obliged to assemble in the start paddock immediately next to the start line no later than 10 minutes before the start. The seeded starting zones will close strictly 5 minutes before the start time. Riders arriving late must start at the back of the field. Riders must enter the start zone with their bikes, and once entered must remain in the start zone with their bikes.

Riders must complete the full designated route and distance of the race. Only riders who complete the race within the maximum cut off time will qualify as official race finishers. The actual race distance or route may vary from the published or briefed distance. A rider must at all times follow the official route, look for the flags indicating the route and obey the directions of the course marshals, and may not take any shortcuts or take any other advantage of a similar nature against competitors. The responsibility for following the official route lies with each rider. Riders who exit the route for any reason must return to the course at the same point from which they exited. There will be checkpoints on each sand dune. Riders that are not detected when passing the checkpoints may be disqualified.

Race Timing
No rider may carry more than 1 transponder at any time, and no rider may pass his/her transponder on to anyone else at any time. Timing will start with the start of the race. The start line will remain open for 15 minutes after the start time. Any rider who cannot make his/her start time must report to the commissaire within 15 minutes of the start time to request approval for a late start. No rider is allowed to start late without approval. If no approval for a late start has been given, the rider will be considered a DNS (did not start), hence receive no result. The maximum race time will not be adjusted for any rider who is permitted a late start and/or who started in a start zone with a later start time than his / her own. Any rider not able to complete the race for whatever reason will be transported to the race finish.

The race does not have exclusive use of the area during the race. Official cars will ensure the safety of riders, however other traffic must be observed at all times during the race. Instructions of marshals must be strictly adhered to.

Registration and Briefing
No refunds will be given if you decide not to race or are unable to participate. However, the entry can be transferred to another person up to 10 days prior to the event. Contact us to arrange the transfer, the service cost is 20 QAR.
Race pack collection takes place one day prior to the event in Doha (location to be determined) and also at the start of the event at the time and place indicated on the race website. Riders must report to registration and bring any form of ID with a photograph on it or the UCI license. False information in race registration will result in disqualification. A pre-race briefing will take place at the time and place indicated on the race website.

Nutrition and Hydration
The Al Adaid Desert challenge passes through extreme terrain with no natural water or shade. The sun reflects off the sand, strengthening its effects. Participants ultimately have the responsibility to carry water and nutrition with them. The race organisers provide water at official water points on the route in average on every 3,5 km. THIS IS INTENDED FOR DRINKING ONLY. Excessive use is not permitted and may deprive your fellow athletes. Nutrition will be available at three points for bike and two points for run.

Seconding and Outside Support
No seconding or outside assistance is permitted under any circumstances. For purposes hereof, “outside assistance” includes physical assistance by any person other than a fellow competitor or accredited water point staff at official water points on the route. Drafting is allowed between riders, their team partners and fellow competitors, but no rider may draft behind an outcast rider or any person who is not a participant in the race. No other form of drafting is permitted whatsoever,
including but not limited to drafting behind private vehicles, motor cycles, trucks and official race vehicles. Specific escort or seconding vehicles has to be approved by the race organisers and may drive behind the race convoy.

Prize money

To be eligible for your prize money, first three riders in each category have to attend the awarding ceremony after the race. In case a participant doesn’t show up, the prizes will be distributed to other participants in the same category. I.e. If the winner doesn’t show up, the second placed rider will receive his/hers prize, the third will receive second place prize and so on.

Medical and Technical Assistance
Medical assistance will be supplied by the race organisers with 4×4 vehicles. Air ambulance will be notified and on standby. Technical assistance will be provided for riders from local bike shops. Sweeper – broom wagon 4×4 vehicles will be driving at the back of the race behind the last rider to assist anyone who can’t finish the race for whatever reason.

Environmental and Ethical
Riders must respect the environment at all times, and no littering or damage to the environment will be tolerated. In particular, but without limiting the generality of this rule, the following actions are specifically prohibited:
throwing away of water bottles (except on water points)
deviating from the route
and/or smoking at any point on the route is not permitted.

Any protests must be submitted in writing, on the official protest sheets provided in the race office, to the commissaire after the rider has crossed the finish line, within the allocated time period set out below:
A deposit of QAR250 must accompany any protest, before the protest will be considered.
If the protest is upheld, the deposit will be refunded. If the protest is not upheld, the deposit will be forfeited and donated for development of the race.
Race protests must be submitted within 2 hours of the rider crossing the finish line.
Result protests must be submitted within 2 hours of posting of preliminary results.

The race organisers reserve the right to test all riders for doping and/or the use of any illegal substances. All test results will be forwarded to national cycling federations, and positive results will lead to penalties. Any person who is under provisional or final sanction by an Anti-Doping Organisation with jurisdiction under the WADA Code (a “person under sanction”) is prohibited from participating or being involved in the race, whether as a rider, team manager or official or in any other capacity whatsoever. Should the race organisers only become aware that any rider, team manager or official is a person under sanction after having accepted such rider’s entry and/or team manager or official’s participation in the race, such entry or right of participation shall immediately be cancelled. Whilst the Al Adadid Challenge will endeavour to take all reasonable steps to recover any prize money paid to a party who has been disqualified from the official results due to a doping violation, the organizer cannot be held liable by any party for damages suffered as a result of the loss of any such prize money.

Code of Conduct
All riders are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times, and must not use offensive or abusive language during the race, act in an unsporting manner, be disrespectful to the officials or ignore the race regulations.

Novel Coronavirus
The wellbeing and safety of Al Adaid Desert Participants is of utmost importance. Due to the current circumstance, we have increased our hygiene protocols and ask that you adhere to personal hygiene practices and social distancing policies at all times. The onus of responsibility is on the participants to adhere to the event rules and protocols. We can only deliver a safe event for all if you assist us in making it safe.

We ask that our participants monitor their own health. Should you require more information on Novel Coronavirus, please access the MOPH website   (Click Here)

MOPH might also change the rules at any given time and request from organizer and participants to test for covid-19 before the event and adhere to different protocols.