Event Rules

Participant Rules and Safety Guide

General Event Rules

  • All participants must wear a properly fitted cycling helmet. Any participant whose helmet is deemed unsafe will not be allowed to collect their registration pack.
  • No Helmet, No Ride!
  • All participants must provide their own bike and equipment; the event organizers will have no spare parts/bikes or equipment.
  • Bike must be in fully functional and good working order.
  • For the event, it is acceptable to ride road bikes (without aero bar extensions), mountain bikes and commuting bikes. Time trial bikes may only be ridden with aerobar extensions removed (and gearing levers changed) so that the riding position is on brakes at all times.
  • All participants must have at least one full 500-750ml bike bottle of fluids (water or sports drink) and a bottle cage must be installed on the bike or cyclist carrying a hydration backpack of fluids (water or sports drink).
  • Open toe shoes are NOT allowed.
  • Proper cycling attire must be worn.
  • Participants may not use headphones whilst cycling.
  • Please carry identification and a charged mobile phone at all times.
  • The use of mobile phones or taking pictures whilst cycling is prohibited. If you want to take pictures, you need to safely and carefully pull off to the side of the road, remove your cycle from the route and then take a picture whilst not standing on the route or providing an obstruction or danger to other participants or spectators/passer-by
  • The event is open to the following age categories per route type:

Long: 137,5 km (Ages 19+)
Standard: 78 km (Ages 16+)
Short: 48 km (Ages 16+)
Wheelchair / Handcycle (Ages 16+)
Ability Friendly (Ages 9+ with adult)
Family and youth (Ages 9+ & children under 9 in bike trailer or kids seat)
Kids Events (Ages 3 – 8)

  • All participants will be required to display their bike number on their frame and on their clothing.
  • All participants will be required to sign the event waiver (received with your confirmation email) at registration pack collection.


Ride Safely

  • Please follow the route at all times.
  • Do not leave the route and always ride in the direction of travel.
  • Only cycle on the road (not sidewalks or grass areas).
  • Do not make any unnecessary stops on the route.
  • The route will not be completely closed for general traffic, but there will be Police and Traffic assistance with support vehicles on route for the Ooredoo Ride of Champions, please be careful when crossing intersection and look out for event vehicles that may be on route for safety or other reasons, as well as pedestrians that may be attempting to cross the route.
  • Always look out for hidden bends, curbs, bollards, potholes and other dangers.
  • Keep a safe distance from other riders on the route.
  • Please be patient with other riders. The roads may be crowded, especially at the start.
  • Ride on the right-hand side of the route and use the left-hand side of the route when overtaking slower cyclists.
  • Never undertake (pass on right side) other riders and be careful when overtaking.
  • Be conscious of other riders and communicate your actions so they are aware if you are slowing, stopping, pulling-out to pass, overtaking or pulling-in having completed an overtake.
  • Don’t use your phone.Though we all love our music and to take photos and snap, post and tweet them, please limit this to before and after you complete during the event.


Competitive Wheelchair/Hand cycle

Participants are required to meet at the designated Official Wheelchair / Hand Cycle Division meet line.
Participants must be self-propelled (cannot be pushed or towed)
Participants must have high visibility flag on Wheelchair or Hand Cycle at 630am for the 7am start

Participants will then complete 1 competitive lap [manually timed] and have the ability to continue with other non-competitive laps recreationally after until the course cut-off. 

Participants must be off course by 9:30 am (and have started last lap by no later than 8:45). Anyone expected to arrive after 9:30 am will have to move onto sidewalks and safely make their own way to the main event area.
Participants must wear a helmet at all times on the course.
It is the responsibility of the participant to ensure that no part of their lower limbs can fall from their wheelchair or hand cycle to the ground or road during the event.
Participants will need to use extra caution when around other participants
Participants must obey all other events rules
Participants must ensure that there wheelchair or hand cycle is safe and in good working order

**please note Handcycles with high visibility safety flags  or modified cycles for para-athletes can be used for Long, Standard and Short route, participation is subject to normal cut-off times.

Ability Friendly

Participants must be accompanied by an adult aged chaperone. If a group of ability friendly athletes are riding together one chaperone or buddy can assist group. The Chaperone must also be registered for the event. Ability friendly athletes in the 730am wave may have a walking chaperone in this wave. The walking chaperone will be required to wear a high visibility vest that will be loaned by the event. Walking Chaperones are not required to register but will be required to sign an event waiver.

Families and friends of ability friendly athletes may join at this time as well if they are registered to participate in the event.

Participants must attend the ability friendly briefing pre-event with their chaperone (time TBC – each night during registration)
Participants must be able to safely ride their bicycle and complete the 5km course in no longer than 120 minutes
Participants are required to meet at the ability friendly meeting point at 7:00am for the 7:30am start


Yellow and Red Flags

  • If you see Yellow Flags being waved by Marshals, this is to indicate a hazard or incident is ahead. Please listen to the Marshals, take care, slow down (letting fellow riders know you are slowing down) and safely ride around the hazard.

Yellow Flag = Slow Down.

  • If you see Red Flags being waved by Marshals, this is to indicate a sever hazard or incident is ahead (within next 500M) and that you are likely to need to come to a full stop. Please take care, slow down immediately and stop if necessary if you are instructed to do so (letting fellow riders know you are stopping down). In extreme cases, Red Flags may indicate the suspension or stopping of the event for safety reasons. Red Flag = SLOW DOWN IMMEDIATELY and BE READY TO STOP if instructed to do so.


If you have a problem with your bike

  • If you have a minor mechanical problem or flat tire or any other need to stop your bike, please safely move to the far right side of the road and carefully bring yourself to a stop. Then move yourself off the road onto the sidewalk (if there is one) and see if you can rectify the problem.
  • If are unable to fix the problem yourself, there will be one roving mechanic that can assist you if need be or alternatively the broom wagon will come to collect you.
  • If you are unable to repair your bike, please walk to the closest marshal and wait near them for the end of the event when the ‘broom wagon’ will come around and pick up you and your bike and return you to the finish line.


If you must stop suddenly

  • Shout ‘stopping’ loudly and repeat several times.
  • When you have bike under control, stick one of your hands in the air to make yourself more visible to other riders and indicate you are/have stopped.
  • Allow other riders to ride around you and only start to move to side of road when it is safe.
  • Get off the road as soon as possible.


If you see an accident or some crashes in front of you

If you see an accident, stay with anyone who is injured and inform the police and marshals. If you are unable to find a marshal or police, call emergency service 6634 3558 and inform them of your location on course.

  • If you are unable to reach this number call the event emergency operation center on 3309 3450
  • If you need to slow down, shout ‘slowing’ to let other riders around you know and then safely ride around the accident/crash. – looking before you pull out and communicating with other riders around you.
  • If you need to stop, shout ‘stopping’ repeatedly and follow guidance above.
  • If no one is injured or there is already some stopped helping, please ride past the accident/crash and let the closest marshal know there has been a crash and tell them where it is.


Ensure your bike is Ooredoo Ride of Champions Ready

  • Please make sure your bike is ready for the Ride of Champions and that it is in good working order. Check the brakes and gears are working fine and ensure the tires are pumped up.
  • Make sure you know how to repair a flat tire on your bike and have appropriate tools to do so.
  • Dress appropriately for the conditions (check the weather the day before).
  • And one last reminder to remember your helmet.


Keep yourself fueled and cool

  • There will be water provided at the start and finish of the event for participants
  • Please ensure you have at least one of the following with you on the day;
    • One full 500-750ml bike bottle of fluids (water or sports drink) and a bottle cage installed on the bike.
    • A hydration pack of fluids (water or sports drink) that you carry on your bike.
  • Also, as you will be out in the heat for 1-3 hours, we would recommend you apply sunscreen before the event to protect you from burning.
  • If you do run out of fluids whilst riding, there will be water available at a feed zone or just past the finish, as you are starting your next lap (for the route with in Qatar Foundation).


Medical Assistance

If, at any time during the event, you or someone you are with feel unwell and believe you need medical assistance please contact a marshal or police on course. If for any reason, you can’t find one, call 6634 3558 and inform them of your location on course. If you are unable to reach this number call the event emergency operation center on 3309 3450


Keep the Route Clean

  • Lastly, please leave the start, route and finish clean. Please don’t drop litter, please place it in the bins provided at the start and finish area.





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