Announcing the winners of the Qatar Cyclists Center competitions

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تتويج الفائزين بمسابقات مركز دراجي قطر
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تتويج الفائزين بمسابقات مركز دراجي قطر

His Excellency Sheikh Saud bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani appreciates the effectiveness of the Qatar Cyclists Center.

His Excellency Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Federal Republic of Germany, and Dr. Abdulaziz Jaham Al-Kuwari, Director of the Qatar Cyclists Center crowned the winners of the “Losing Weight” and “Clipping the Longest Distance” competitions, which were organized by the Qatar Cyclists Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports during the month of Ramadan. Al-Mubarak, amid a large participation, at the headquarters of the Qatar Automobile and Motorcycle Federation, Amjad Raad won first place in the “weight loss” competition after losing 12.900 kilograms, while Mubarak Al-Aji won second place with a weight loss of 12 kilograms, and Abdel Nasser Salim came Muhammad is in third place with a weight loss of 10,200 kg.
In the longest distance competition, Ali Muhammad Al-Nuaimi won the first place with a distance of 4,676.54 kilometres, while Marwan Al-Jalham won the second place with a distance of 4623,7 kilometres, while Omar Muzaffar Al-Shammari won the third place with a distance of 1801,4 kilometres. More than 30 cyclists participated in this competition, and the makers of the champions were Hamad Al-Jaidi, Muhammad Al-Jaidi and Abdullah Al-Jaidi, in addition to honoring Saleh Hamad, Saqr Hassan Abu Jalouf and Abu Rashid for their role in promoting the spirit of cooperation among youth.

Sheikh Saud: Participation of 1200 contestants confirms success 
His Excellency Sheikh Saud bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, our ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany, expressed his happiness at his presence at the Qatar Cyclists Center, pointing out that the presence of such a large number of participants, with the number of registered participants reaching 1200, confirms the success of the events from season to season. He said: It is necessary to thank the Qatar Cyclists Center, headed by Dr. Abdulaziz Jaham Al-Kuwari, and all those in charge of it who made a great effort in organizing these special events, as well as the Ministry of Culture and Sports, and all the youth who were keen to participate in the various categories. His Excellency the ambassador praised the practice of sports in the holy month of Ramadan, stressing that just as worship increases in the holy month, it is also witnessing activity at the level of sports, especially as it is a distinctive community sport that helps to spend leisure time well in addition to discovering talents through such events.
Al- Kuwari:
Continuous support from the Minister of Culture and Sports 

Dr. Abdulaziz Jaham Al-Kuwari, Director of the Qatar Cyclists Center, expressed his happiness with the great success of the events organized by the center during the month of Ramadan and achieving their goal, noting that the tournament started with a simple idea and developed into two championships for the longest distance and weight loss. He said: The numbers confirm the great development in the two championships, and we intend to conduct a study to compare cycling as a means to lose weight and fight obesity with other means such as surgeries or assistance such as balloons and taking a sample from the contestants in this community sport, and we are also pleased with the great turnout from all segments of society compared to Last year, I believe that the popularity of youth is evidence of the spread of cycling in the Qatari society, and I thank His Excellency Salah bin Ghanem Al Ali, Minister of Culture and Sports, for his continuous support to the Centre.
Al-Jaidi: A special atmosphere
Hamad Al Jaidi, the Qatar cyclist coach and organizer, said that the events witnessed a very wonderful atmosphere among all the competitors, through strong competition and team spirit.” He added: “We thank the Qatar Cyclists Center for this wonderful initiative for the second year in a row, as it achieved great success by losing weight for the participants, in addition to spreading cycling and reflecting the spirit of cooperation between youth and maintaining health.

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