Qatar Cyclists Center concludes the “Ramadan Challenge”

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مركز دراجي قطر يختتم ”تحدي رمضان“
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مركز دراجي قطر يختتم ”تحدي رمضان“

A wonderful atmosphere accompanied the challenge, and the turnout for participation exceeded expectations.

The curtain came down on the “Ramadan Challenge” competitions for the largest distance, which was organized by the Qatar Cyclists Center, in a wonderful Ramadan atmosphere, in the presence of Dr. Abdulaziz Al Kuwari, the director of the center and a number of members of the Board of Directors. 99 riders participated in the challenge, who competed over 25 days, under the auspices of the Al-Bidaa Group of Companies, the Lusail Circuit and the Sports for All Federation.

The top ten winners who achieved records for the first time were crowned, as the championship relied on the competition to cover long distances amid intense competition between all the competitors.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari crowned the winners with the participation of Ali Bin Tawar Al-Kuwari, a member of the center, and Abdullah Al-Hammadi, the largest cyclist participating in the races. Prizes were given to the winners who achieved the best 10 numbers in this challenge.

Ali Al-Nuaimi won first place after running a distance of 3,000 km, while Marwan Al-Jalham won second place with a distance of two thousand five hundred km, while Daoud Al-Rashidi came in third place with a distance of 1,285 km. Abdel Nasser Salim came fourth with a score of 1032 thousand km, Saad Al-Mohannadi came fifth with 922 km, Nasser Muhammad Mubarak sixth with 880 km, Fawaz Al-Shammari came seventh with 788 km, Hamad Al Kuwari eighth after achieving a distance of 675 km, and Salmin Ahmed came in Ninth place with a distance of 630 km, while Khaled Al-Dosari came in tenth with a distance of 588 km.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, the director of the center, expressed his pride in the success of the “Ramadan Challenge”, which is being held for the first time, after the success of the event organized by the center last season, which is “The Biggest Loser” with the aim of losing weight, and the winner was able to lose 11 kg of weight, and in this This year we decided to change the challenge so that the distance between the participants is to cover the largest distance. Al-Kuwari thanked the Lusail Circuit Club for providing the circuit to the cyclists, the Sports for All Federation, and the Al-Bidaa Group of Companies, the main sponsor of the challenge.

Al- Kuwari: The turnout exceeded expectations
, Ali bin Towar Al-Kuwari, a member of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Cyclists Center, expressed great happiness with the wonderful atmosphere that accompanied the “Ramadan Challenge”, noting that the turnout exceeded expectations, and the establishment of the challenge during the month of Ramadan made it splendor and a distinctive character, and the competitions were wonderful. And it attracted the attention of the Qatari youth riders, especially that last season we organized a competition to lose weight and now the distance challenge, which was successful because we did not obligate the participating riders to a specific time to take the challenge, which gave them greater comfort. The first place holder achieves 3,000 km in 25 days, which is a record.

Al- Jaidi: The challenge has achieved its goals
Coach Mohamed Al-Jaidi confirmed the success of the “Ramadan Challenge” competitions held by the Qatar Cyclists Center with the participation of different age groups, citizens and residents, through a challenge to achieve the largest distance during the month of Ramadan in a new event that contributed to increasing excitement, noting that Participation is expected to increase in the future. He said: We saw very good results from the participants, which is evidence of the success of the challenge, which achieved its goals, noting that the coaches played a very important role in introducing the participants to many tactical issues during the races and how to use the bike.

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