About the Routes

The long route of 137.5 km is for the “toughest” riders out there – ride of true Champions. The distance takes everything from the rider. Proper nutrition and hydration during the ride is very important. Although there are no climbs, the exposed central Qatar area is windy at this time of year and will offer a real challenge to the riders. They better stick in the group to battle the wind together…

The standard route of 78 km is suitable for those riders that only gets the chance to train once or twice per week, but have a good fitness level and decent cycling experience. It gives them a taste of the “big” route and challenges riders to aim higher in the following year.

The short route of 48 km is a good challenge for anyone who feels fit. After the main Shahaniya roundabout it is joined with the medium and long routes which makes it possible to ride alongside other riders for support and encouragement.

The competitive wheelchair / handcycle and ability friendly rides will be offered this year. The 5.8km route will be safe and secure in the beautiful environment around Qatar Foundation and Al Shaqab Arabian horse breeding area.

The family, beginners and youth ride is aimed at the riders that want to participate as a family, young riders or riders new to the sport of cycling. This 5.8km route will be safe and secure in the beautiful environment around Qatar Foundation and Al Shaqab Arabian horse breeding area.

The kids ride is for kids between 3 – 8 years old boys and girls. The kids ride will be on the Green Spine for 2020. Ensure you have collected your kid’s race number either on Wed. or Thurs. before the event or between 07:30am – 08:30am on event day at Ceremonial Court. Then head over to the Green Spine (grass area opposite Ceremonial Court) where the events team will meet you. We will have informal races in age groups of 3 – 4 years; 5 – 6 years, 7 – 8 years (depending on the amount of entries received). Once they have completed their lap(s) they will receive a medal and meal pack. Please note there will be no podium prizes or awards, each child is welcome to step on the podium to take a photo.

Cycling Safety

For the road events taking place outside Qatar Foundation there will be police, traffic and support vehicles assistance, but the roads will not be completely closed for traffic. It is each cyclist responsibility to cycle with care to avoid any accidents.

The family ride and beginners ride take place inside Qatar Foundation. Please note although the route is closed for traffic it is still each cyclist responsibility to cycle with care to avoid any accidents.

Also please remember this is a ride and not a race. Dangerous riding will not be permitted. 

Start and Finish Management


The Road Rides: There will be 3 start ‘pens’ for the start for riders to line up in and will be marked according to the specific ride distance. Riders need to be in their start groups 15min before the start time.

The Competitive Wheelchair / Handcycle and Ability Friendly Rides will line up on the Ceremonial Court area at 06:30am and 07:00am respectively, 30 minutes before the start time.

The Beginners & Family Ride will line up on the Ceremonial Court Parking area from 08:45am where after the marshals will guide you onto the course for the start at 09:00am.

The Kids Ride will meet on the Green Spine in front of Ceremonial Court at 08:45am.


At the finish line riders that want to continue onto a further lap(s) in QF need to stay RIGHT and riders that want to finish stay LEFT. When you finish please keep riding when you go under the finish arch and follow the path off the course into Ceremonial Court. You will then follow the path and marshals’ instructions up onto the main platform where you will receive your medal & small refreshment pack. Last lap will start at 11:00am.

Cut off Times

Road Events:
LONG ROUTE: Otouriyah (39 km from the start) cut off time: 8:05 am
STANDARD: Shahaniya R/O (24 km from the start) cut off time: 8:15 am
SHORT:Shahaniya R/O (24 km from the start) at 8:50 am

Competitive Wheelchair /Handcycle and Ability Friendly Rides: Last lap will start at 08:40 am

Beginners & Family Rides: Last lap will start at 11:00am

Kids Ride: Finish at 11:00am please join us then for the Lucky Draw at Ceremonial Court

Timing of Road Events

Although this is not a race, the road events will be timed for your personal records. Timing will start from Gate 1 when you leave Qatar Foundation and stop on return at Gate 1. There will be additional timing check points on the course. Once you return to QF you will do 1 lap inside Education City before you reach the finish line (this will be around an additional 5km – relax and enjoy the ride for a cool down).

Water and Refreshment Stations

As per the participant rules and safety guide, you are responsible to ensure you take fluids with you along the route.

ROAD RIDES: There will be feeding station with water at around kilometers:
Long Route: 35km; 65km, 101km, 118km
Standard Route: 35km, 41,5km, 58km
Short Route: 29km

BEGINNERS & FAMILY RIDE: There will be 1 station after the finish line.

COMPETITIVE WHEELCHAIR / HANDCYCLE AND ABILITY FRIENDLY RIDES: There will be 1 station after the finish line.

Technical Support

Rasen Sports  will be at the start and on route to provide basic technical assistance.


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